Frequent Questions:

Which formula should I take for my specific problem?

We don’t make specific recommendations to patients for specific problems. Please see your licensed healthcare practitioner for expert advice.

Why can’t I buy these formulas direct from you?

Because herbal therapy is subtle yet powerful, we only sell these formulas through properly qualified and licensed providers. This way, we can ensure you are receiving the expert care you need for the maximum benefit from these formulas.

How many should I take?

The general recommendation is to take 6 tablets per day with water. This can be 3 doses of 2 tablets, or 2 doses of 3 tablets. Please see your healthcare provider for more specific information.

Is it safe to take these herbal formulas with prescription medications?

Certain prescription medications may interact with herbal supplements and produce unintended results. Please inform your healthcare provider of all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking so a proper and safe recommendation can be made.

Can I take these formulas while I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

In general it is not recommended to take herbal supplements during pregnancy or breast feeding. The herbs can have unintended effects on the fetus or baby. Please see your healthcare provider for specific recommendations.