Order AcuHerb in 3 EASY Ways!

  1. AcuGraph Ordering

    The AcuGraph software includes both automatic and manual ordering options that are extremely convenient. You can place your order at any time directly through the software shopping cart interface (internet access required).

  2. Online Ordering

    All AcuHerb formulas can be ordered online though our practitioner store. You will need to log into your account to see the prices and complete your order. All inforamtion about the herbal formulas is available there without the need to login.
  3. Telephone Ordering

    As always, you can place your order by calling:



AcuHerb Inventory Packages

Although having a full herbal inventory on your shelf is not necessary to use AcuHerb, it does make it easier for the practitioner and the patient. AcuHerb inventory packages are available in different sizes, designed for easy ordering at discounted prices, no matter what size your practice is.

Each starter inventory pack contains quantities arranged by popularity so you’ll have plenty of the most popular formulas, and fewer of the less popular formulas, allowing you to maximize the value of your inventory investment. These packages are intended to be an initial supply, and as your supply is depleted, you can reorder directly from within the AcuGraph software to restock back to full levels.