Welcome to AcuHerb!

Our high-quality herbal formulas represent the best of ancient healing traditions combined with modern technology, to give you outstanding results at a reasonable price. Featuring tight integration with the AcuGraph system, AcuHerb™ makes your herbal practice convenient, effective and profitable.

Ancient Wisdom

Each AcuHerb product is based on authentic, classical Chinese formulations in use for hundreds, even thousands of years. These formulas have been selected for their outstanding effectiveness, gentle action, and broad application. The accrued knowledge of centuries takes the guesswork out of formula applications. Featuring the finest ingredients prepared according to time-honored traditions, AcuHerb brings you the best of ancient wisdom.

Modern Technology

All AcuHerb products feature the latest modern technological advances for convenience and effectiveness.
  • Five-elements organization and color coding: All AcuHerb formulas are labeled and color coded by element family for speed and convenience in locating and prescribing the formula you need.
  • 750 mg tablets: Our unique tablet format means your patient only takes 3 tablets, twice daily, rather than 10-20 or more tea pills. Fewer pills to swallow means greater patient comfort and compliance. And the tablet format virtually eliminates the need for binders and coatings, while delivering the maximum herbal potency for maximum absorption.
  • 5:1 Concentration: AcuHerb formulas feature the standard 5:1 concentration ratio for optimum potency. Though others may claim higher potency, 5:1 is the ONLY standardized formula tested for efficacy and proven in clinical trials in China.
  • Manufacturing Techniques: First cooked and concentrated according to ancient methods, the decocted herbs are spray-dried at low temperature to become a fine dried powder. After standardization for quality, the herbal powder is pressed into precisely calibrated tablets.

AcuGraph Integration

AcuHerb advanced herbal technology is integrated as part of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. After each AcuGraph exam, herbal recommendations are presented just like point recommendations in the familiar AcuGraph interface, and are ranked according to expected compatibility.

Clicking on any formula offers complete information about each recommended formula, including therapeutic action, indications/contraindications, recommended usage, and TCM information. Plus, a library of drug-herb interactions lets you easily check each formula for potential interactions with prescription medications.

To prescribe an herbal formula, simply select the number of bottles of that formula the patient will be taking home today. Each bottle is a 10-day supply, and up to two formulas can be prescribed to a patient at any particular exam.

The Software automatically tracks and notes which formulas were prescribed to the patient, and prints usage instructions for the patient to take home. Reordering is easy with the integrated AcuHerb catalog and shopping cart. You can place your orders manually, or you can use the easy automatic reordering feature to always make sure you have the formulas you need on your shelf.

For more information and demonstration of the AcuHerb software in AcuGraph, click here.