Quality & Safety

Within the heart of China, there is an unspoiled Eden, an incredible pharmacy of  nature where the purest, finest healing herbs thrive. Here in the lush, historic area of Gansu, more than 1,400 varieties of herbs grow wild and are cultivated. Here, the best herbal formulas start with the highest-quality raw materials.

Our formulas begin with the keen eyes of knowing experts who possess the unique talent to select the highest-grade raw materials at their peak. These superior-quality herbs are then prepared with great skill into classical formulas through ancient processing methods combined with state-of-the-art technological know-how. The resulting tablets retain the potent healing properties and energies of their herbal raw ingredients.

Quality Control
Where does quality begin? Superb quality begins far before the manufacturing process—as far back as the seed and the soil, the climate and the care. These are the tangibles that allow excellent, sturdy herbs to grow abundantly and deliver their potent best.

We believe it’s important to know with whom you’re dealing, especially when it comes to the herbal formulas you put into your body.  We’re proud to provide the following facts about the formulas we sell:

The AcuHerb products are grown, processed, tested and packaged by Gansu Corporation at one of the largest and most modern herb manufacturing facilities in China. Gansu owns its own land and grows its own raw herbs, thus ensuring the absolute highest standards and freedom from contamination from seed all the way to sale.

Gansu is:

  • the largest raw material grower in China
  • the largest exporter of Dang Gui and other key herbs
  • one of the largest of four GMP-certified facilities in China

Gansu’s Products:

  • are approved for use in hospitals and clinics in China
  • meet strict California and FDA standards for freedom from heavy metals, bacteria and pesticide residue

We insist on the highest quality and purity standards for your safety. Every individual manufacturing lot of herbs we sell is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and biological contaminants. We’ll gladly provide you with the actual testing reports for any product you request. You can use AcuHerbs with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you are only receiving the finest, safest and most unpolluted herbs available.